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Doula Q&A – Birth Doula Experiences with Nina & Matt

Part 3:
Q&A with Justine & Staci

In the last of a three-part series about Nina and Matt’s birth journey, Justine and Staci talk about their birth doula experiences during Nina’s two births.

What was it like to work with Nina and Matt?

Staci: “Nina and Matt were inquisitive and educated – they knew that they needed to get a doula. As soon as they were pregnant again, they knew it was time to call their Doulas.”

Justine: “They were so easy to work with, and we had a great trusting relationship form the start.”

What was the most challenging aspect of these births?

Justine: “With Arthur, it was the patience and watching them go through the process. Their birth ‘plan’ was changing and not what they wanted, but they persevered! Their patience and understanding the process got her to exactly what she wanted.”

Staci: “With Rosie, it was the anticipation and prodromal labor that Nina was experiencing. She was not expecting it to be just like Arthur’s birth, but that small glimpse of ‘not again’ was creeping in. We would text and call Nina to assure her that all the ‘things’ she was experiencing were normal, and the baby would come when the time was right. Nina was calm, cool, and collected on the day Rosie was born.”

Are you usually both involved in the same birth?

Staci: “We both meet the client, but it’s unusual that we were both at Arthur and Rosie’s labor. Justine was there in the early moments, and I was the lucky one to be there for the birth of BOTH! That’s not a common occurrence – what are the chances that I was able to attend both?!”

How do you decide how, when and where you assist on births? 

Staci: “Well, it all depends on schedules, family, and general life circumstances. But our clients know that our Team approach ensures they will have a doula at their birth that they know and trust.”

Justine: “With our repeat clients, we try to attend if we were the doula before, it just makes sense. But sometimes it doesn’t happen, so that’s why our Team support approach works so well.”

Describe the most memorable aspect for you about each birth.

Justine: “Arthur – long labor, and a long time after the water bag was broken.”

Staci: “When Nina asked for pain management, it was within minutes of making that decision it was time to push.  It was an amazing birth!”

Justine: “Rosie – the anticipation.  Nina did exactly as her body asked and she birthed that amazing baby with power and grace.”

Staci: “She didn’t question the process and didn’t have all the other hurdles coming at her with Rosie.”

Did Nina and Matt use any other Midwest Doula services?

Justine: “Yes, lactation and we always follow-up with postpartum.  You can ask Nina, she agrees that her postpartum with Rosie was different than Arthur’s, that with most families with their second baby!”

Any final thoughts?

Staci: “I think Nina’s birth stories are great examples showing that every birth is different.”

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