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Doula services are for everyone, from parents to siblings. Every birth journey is unique, so you should have options! Choose from our specially designed Birth, Education, Placenta Encapsulation and Postpartum, and Sibling Doula Services packages. Whether you receive in-person or virtual doula services,  all below services are provided by the Midwest Doulas team, education professionals, and other carefully selected service providers with whom we have long-standing relationships. No question is too small when choosing your birth and postpartum support team, so please contact us and ask us anything!


There are two main models of doula care. Many doulas use a “back-up” model, which means a “back-up” doula will attend your birth if a scheduling conflict occurs. Which sounds reasonable, until you realize the doula attending your birth may be a complete stranger to you, not the person you entrusted to support your family at the most critical time in your life.

Midwest Doulas was formed to offer an alternative to the “back-up” model of doula care. Our strictly team-based model means you will know the doula that will be supporting your birth. Midwest Doulas assigns a primary doula and one to two additional doulas to the team, so that you have a relationship established with the doula that will be supporting you on the big day.

We want you to have the best birth experience possible, and that starts with knowing the doula at your birth. Midwest Doulas provides support — not surprises –when you need it most!


Midwest Doulas offers private virtual lactation classes and maintains strong partnerships with the best Childbirth Education companies in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul areas to get you educated and prepared for your birth.


Placenta encapsulation is an ancient practice that has been said to improve maternal healing after birth and reduce instances of postpartum depression. Midwest Doulas makes placenta encapsulation a quick and hassle-free process.


Postpartum doulas provide support not only to mothers, but to the entire family unit, right within their own home. Start with a free consultation to discuss how a postpartum doula might care for you after birth and ease your family’s transition in bringing home a new little one.




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