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Prenatal and Childbirth Education Services

The right birth education can arm you with the very best knowledge to prepare for your parenting journey. No more guessing where to go for childbirth classes before your little one arrives, because Midwest Doulas are truly a central resource for all your birth support.

Receive complete childbirth classes, prenatal education and preparation for successful breastfeeding from our team of doulas and trusted partners


Midwest Doulas partners with high quality, credentialed childbirth education partners to bring you the highest quality support and preparation for your birth.

Learn More About Prenatal + Childbirth Education:

Childbirth Education and Prenatal Classes offered in partnership with these esteemed local birth support organizations in the Twin Cities:


Liz Hochman and her award-winning, Twin Cities BirthED educator team provide interactive, custom-created virtual birth education classes. These sessions will leave you feeling empowered and excited to give birth.  Rooted in Lamaze® Healthy Birth Practices, Liz and her team bring evidenced-based, tactical information and skills for you to leverage in your birth experience.

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Flutterby offers a comprehensive Hypnobirthing course that leverages the incredible concept of mind-body connection. Learn ways to create more calm, confident, and personalized birth experience through breath work, visualization, birth affirmations, optimal relaxation, and self-hypnosis — a natural state of mind.

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