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Placenta encapsulation is an ancient practice that is said to promote milk production, more balanced hormone levels, and even prevent or decrease the intensity of postpartum depression.

Currently, the evidence on placenta encapsulation is anecdotal, yet compelling. Midwest Doulas offers placenta services as part of a comprehensive postpartum support package or as a stand-alone service. Choose from two methods of encapsulation: Traditional Chinese Method or raw placenta encapsulation. All services are performed by our resident APPA-certified placenta encapsulator and is available to all Midwest Doula clients in the greater Twin Cities area. 

Questions about placenta encapsulation and the potential benefits? Check out the blog post on placenta encapsulation or contact us!


“The Midwest Doulas team encapsulated my placenta for me, and they were so professional and great. I loved having these pills during postpartum time! They also provided me with much-needed lactation support during an incredibly difficult time, just a couple weeks after our baby was born. Midwest Doulas was so responsive, kind, understanding, and HELPFUL!”


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