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Good postpartum care can make all the difference in your experience.

Did you know? Doula services are not only for support during birth. Having a strong postpartum support system in place for the first few weeks home with your baby is crucial. We provide postpartum doula services based with evidence-based support that is free from judgement and supports your unique family needs. From postpartum healing tips and breastfeeding support for mom, baby calming and soothing techniques, and helping partners and siblings adjust into their roles in a growing family, we can help ease the transition back home.


“I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Midwest Doulas! The postpartum visit when we debriefed my birth experience was one of my favorite conversations ever. It left me feeling so empowered and proud of the incredible thing I had done. Still brings tears to my eyes.
[… the overnight postpartum help was so amazing! Getting some actual sleep while knowing that my baby is in my doula’s super capable, loving hands is the best self care I can imagine and oh what a gift it is!]”

-Carly P.

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