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Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash.

Eleanor’s Birth Story


When it comes to birth, every story is unique; and when it comes to home birth, the scene is yours to set, down to the smallest detail. We love looking back and reminiscing on each or our clients’ special journeys, and it becomes even more special when they’re able to tell that story for themselves. Below, find our client Meghan’s deeply personal and transformative journey of her home birth with baby Eleanor:

Dear Eleanor,

It was midafternoon on the day before you were born that I felt our water break. And then we waited. I had a few contractions the night before, but then they stopped. The next morning, I was determined to help move things along. Good friends came over to comfort us and prepare my body. We had a massage and acupuncture treatments and rested for most of the day.

Our midwife, Aly Folin from North Star Midwifery, arrived with a calm presence and reassured me that everything was as it should be. She encouraged me to rest and to do nice things to prepare my body. Justine Temke, from Midwest Doulas checked in as well. Her encouragement calmed my heart and mind. She reassured me that I could do this and that you would come when you were ready.

The night of October 20th, the contractions came on quickly and intensely. I went up to our bedroom around 9 pm and found your dad reading with the lights low. We had made a sanctuary for your arrival with affirmations, dried flowers, candles, and messages from friends in support of the journey. It was time. I laid in bed facing the wall that said surrender and breathed through the contractions that carried me into a rest period. The time came that I was no longer able to lay down and I had to move and vocalize through the contractions.

The vocalizations took me to another place deep within me that was strong and wise. I was almost transformed into an elevated state where it was just you and me on this journey towards life. You were so strong.

Your dad called the midwife and doula and they came quickly. Aly, Justine and Kelsey all showed up around the same time. It was a little past midnight. The tub was filled, and the contractions continued to get stronger. Justine helped us to labor in different positions that moved you into position. I have to be honest, some of the positions were very uncomfortable, but I trusted that Justine knew exactly what to do, and she did.

We were able to have short respites in the warm tub that relieved the tension for just a short time. The surges continued to come but the warmth of the tub enveloped us and made the journey feel absolutely right.

Your daddy was there by our side every step of the way to kiss us and reassure us that everything was perfect and to encourage us to stay strong.

One more contraction, and then I felt a burning sensation where your head was crowning. You were ready to come and meet us and we were so excited.

We were in the tub and my hands were up against the side of the tub. Justine held my hands tightly and placed her head against mine.

Aly was by my side, announcing that indeed you were there and reassuring us that all was perfect. Justine helped me to breathe through two contractions and your beautiful being came to meet us. You were so beautiful and alert.

Your warm, soft body was absolutely perfect. You look up at me as we cried tears of joy to celebrate your arrival.

You, Eleanor Lynette Mabe, were so strong. Our journey was complete. The power of birth is magical, powerful and absolutely transformative.




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