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“My sister gifted us doula services from Midwest Doulas, and it was the best thing anyone could have done. This was our first baby after a number of losses. Due to anxiety, fear, and sadness from my history with childbearing, it was very difficult to think ahead, research options and make decisions about anything having to do with pregnancy or labor. All I could think about was wanting to see my baby healthy and happy. I didn’t feel like I even cared about the rest of the details.

Working with our doula team did so many wonderful things for us! They were able to help us work through a number of the decisions that needed to be made for planning our birth. By presenting options, evidence-based information, and experiences they have encountered either personally or in their work they truly prepared us. They did so much to build my confidence, all the while giving my partner the tools he needed to be the best support person possible.

The most amazing part of working with Midwest Doulas was just how comfortable we were with each woman. It was automatically like we were old friends or siblings. They’re all very easy to talk with, relatable, and full of knowledge on everything pregnancy, birth, and baby-related. The best part is that unlike friends and family who have opinions that come with every piece of advice, the doulas are all very objective – no personal feelings or preferences included! The doulas are 100% here to support of your decisions along the entire process. They help you to run your show, not replay their own.

There is nothing we could do to show just how much we appreciated this gift from my sister or all of the love and support we received from Justine and her team! With the help of Midwest Doulas, I truly believe you can make any pregnancy, be it your first or fifth, the best experience possible!”

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