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“When my husband and I met Justine of Midwest Doulas, her warm, professional, and passionate personality made us want to interview her right away. We could not have made a better choice in working with her as our birth doula. Our labor ended with a healthy baby and a healthy mom, for which we are so grateful.

But it was nothing like we’d imagined. We went from hoping for a water birth to induction to a failed vacuum extraction and eventually to a C-section. It was all unexpected and quick, and it would have been much more traumatic if we hadn’t had Justine. She prepared us so well in our prenatal appointments to be flexible in labor, and she always made sure that our priority was to be comfortable with the decisions we made while in labor.

Because of this preparation and in spite of not getting the “dream labor” we had in mind, we were able to own all of the decisions we made, and there is no grief for the birth that might have been. During and after the labor itself, Justinewas a source of endless comfort and steadiness for both my husband and me.

Justine and Midwest Doulas were a key part of our birth team, and my husband and I will be forever grateful that she was present with us. We highly, highly recommend her.”

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