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Jenna is a full spectrum DTI certified doula who specializes in childbirth and postpartum care. No matter how it happens, she thinks that pregnancy and childbirth are transformative, and she enjoys helping families along the way. She works to support families during this particularly vulnerable time by being compassionate and nonjudgmental while also empowering them to make decisions.

Jenna has assisted with a wide range of birthing experiences, including unmedicated, medicated, cesarean, water births, home births, hospital births, and birth centers. She also enjoys assisting families in the postpartum period.

In addition to finishing her Master’s degree in social work, Jenna has discovered that the fields of social work and doula work naturally overlap. She enjoys using her advocacy skills and knowledge of mental health from pregnancy onward.

When she’s not working, Jenna enjoys spending time with her husband and their three adorably misbehaving dogs, baking, dancing, and playing with her friends’ and family members’ kids, who adorably refer to her as “Auntie Jen.”

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