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Danielle isn’t afraid to open up about her personal experience as a new mom.  Danielle candidly shares, “Early parenthood was both the most wonderful and most complicated time.”  There were so many expectations to navigate, most loud were her own.  Danielle “rocked” her birth journey, yet she found herself highly emotional during the early days, weeks and months home with her new baby.  Anxiety that was once well managed flared up again.  She was extremely sleep deprived, and dealing with new feelings of hightened vulnerability. Despite the efforts of her loving husband and family she lacked grounding, neutral, evidence based support.  She lacked someone who could listen without judgment, normalize, validate and help guide her a her husband forward into parenthood. (Not to mention she was left with an abundant amount of questions regarding all things breastfeeding.)  Using her own experience as a catalyst for empowering others, Danielle is now a postpartum doula!  She knows first hand that the best postpartum experiences occur when families are both well-informed and well-supported.  As a result of her personal experience, Danielle finds much fulfillment and gratitude in her postpartum work.

When Danielle isn’t supporting families she’s spending time with her own.  She greatly enjoys barre class, and bringing her daughter to little kids yoga.  Danielle is always working to get the next trip planned to the family cabin in Northern Wisconsin.  She’s also a sucker for cheesy Hallmark Channel movies and loves a good home improvement project.

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