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Top 5 Ways to Thrive In Your Pandemic Pregnancy – Winter Edition

We are all having to get creative and adapt during this new normal, but it can be especially hard on those of you who are pregnant during winter in the Midwest.

In the past we may have written something about that babymoon trip to a sun-soaked beach, but not this year! This year, we know that what you need is some special stay-cation winter TLC. 

So especially for you, we’ve gathered our Top 5 Ways to survive and find some hygge in your pandemic winter pregnancy.

1. Winter Pregnancy Self-care: At-home style!

We love a good mask, and why not go all in with all of our favorites? Get yourself into that tub with some epsom salts and a soothing facial mask. Afterwards, wrap your feet in our ABSOLUTE FAVE foot and face masks. It’s almost as good as a real pedicure and facial – almost.

2. Go for a nature walk.

Seriously, trust us – you can be just as active during a winter pregnancy as you can in the summer! We have some of the most gorgeous trails that are easy to navigate, even with big winter boots. Check out this list of trails. There are some easy 2-7 mile options that give you a few benches to stop at if you need breaks to be mindful and breathe.

3. How about some fancy mocktails?

Just because you aren’t imbibing doesn’t mean you can’t have a fancy, winter-inspired drink! We are especially loving this
Orange Cranberry Mimosa Mocktail. Don’t want to make your own? Then try our local restaurants drink kits and add club soda or tonic – Like Hola Arepa (one of our beloveds) because we want to support local restaurants so they can be ready with open doors when it’s safe to gather again.

4. Speaking of dining, we hope you’re indulging in your favorite Twin Cities restaurants’ take-out options.

Martina’s Lobster Spaghetti and Brussel Sprout salad is something we dream about daily.  Make sure when you get home to put it on your nicest plates so you feel ALMOST like you’re dining in person. We also suggest dimming the lights, adding some candle tea lights, and these restaurant sounds playing in the background.

5. We know you’re sick of Zoom, so why not have yourself a baby shower parade and bonfire?

If it feels weird setting this up yourself, then just tag your friend, sister, or partner and say #5! It’s easy to arrange because ALL OF YOUR PEOPLE want to get out of the house and see your face (trust us). Let’s not forget that we can social distance and still be social.

This is certainly a healthy list of ideas, but we want to hear from you as well! How have you been creating a little pregnancy self-care in your routine this pandemic winter?

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