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Our birth doula services are available 100% virtually so we can provide flexibility  while offering the same secure birthing support system we’re known for.


In the time of Covid-19 and ever-changing policies of health care facilities, no growing family should be without support. Virtual doula services provide the same level of intimate birth support, just a video conference a way. We provide you continuous support leading up to, and during your birth.

NOTE: Our in-person services are still offered for births occurring at home and the birth centers. Please refer to our standard birth doula services for details.

Check out our esteemed partners, right here in the Twin Cities, who are also offering a variety of wonderful virtual birth and education support services:

BirthEd Logo - Virtual Birth Education

Join the award-winning, Twin Cities BirthED educator team for an interactive, custom-created virtual birth education classes that leave you feeling empowered and excited to give birth.  Rooted in Lamaze® Healthy Birth Practices, they bring evidenced-based, actionable information to a fun virtual class.

Flutterby Logo-Green

Hypnobirthing at Flutterby is a comprehensive, virtual childbirth education course that harnesses the power of the mind-body connection. Learn how to have a more calm, confident, and personalized birth experience through breathing, visualization, affirmations, deep relaxation, and self-hypnosis — a natural state of mind.

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