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What is a doula?

Removing the mystery around pregnancy support.

When we tell people we’re doulas, we’re often met with strange looks followed by a lot of questions. We’re often confused with midwives or other health care professionals who deliver babies. But, in reality, our job is focused on educating and supporting the expecting family throughout the childbirth process, not delivering the baby itself.

In the years since we founded Midwest Doulas in St. Paul, there’s been more mainstream attention given to the role doulas play in the birthing process. Still, there are misconceptions in this specialized area of pregnancy support:

  • No, we’re not midwives.
  • No, we’re not all hippy, granola eaters with an all-natural approach to everyday living.
  • No, we don’t have a problem with modern medicine.
  • And, no, we aren’t here to remove your partner from the birthing process.

What we ARE here for is to provide non-judgmental support families need during pregnancy to create exceptional birth and postpartum experiences!

We were honored to sit down with Taylor Pittman at the Huffington Post to help dispel the mystery around our jobs. As Justine told Taylor,

What we are here for is to make sure you feel empowered to make your own decisions, and that’s essential.

Keep reading to learn more about What Doulas Really Wish You Knew About Their Jobs.

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What is a doula?
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