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Micah Thor
Micah Thor
19:29 27 Feb 20
This was our second birth and first with a doula.  Justine checked in on us leading up to our due date and on a regular... basis when we went past the due date.  The night of the birth she was readily available and incredibly attentive.  When she walked through the door to the delivery room there was a calm confidence that she brought with her.  She navigated really well between keeping me (husband) involved in the process as well as giving my spouse the support she needed and I wasn't equipped to give.  My wife and I communicate extremely well but there are some things that you need to hear from someone outside of your relationship.  Encouragement during labor is definitely one of those things.  When I try to motivate my spouse and tell her something is possible, it doesn't have the same effect as an outside expert telling her the same thing.  I'm sure plenty of couples can relate to this! It was because of this unique relationship and coaching that we were able to fully realize our ideal birth plan.  We will be enthusiastically referring our friends and family to Justine and her more
Marina Rosenthal
Marina Rosenthal
23:20 26 Feb 20
Justine was an absolutely essential part of our birth experience. Our baby's birth definitely did not go according to... plan, and having Justine there to support us was absolutely crucial. She was a calm, gentle presence and was particularly helpful for my husband when the birth started to get complicated, and he felt confused and isolated. She created space for us to process our feelings after the birth and checked up on how we were doing, offering support in many different ways. I'm so grateful that we had Justine with us, because she made a very challenging experience feel safer. We could not recommend Justine more whole-heartedly for families looking for a strong, supportive doula to help them through the unpredictable journey of more
Desiree Dantona
Desiree Dantona
21:14 21 Jan 20
There are so many important decisions to make when preparing for a baby, but deciding to invite Justine and her team of... wonderful doulas to be a part of my pregnancy, labor, and delivery was the single best decision I made for myself. Justine was available to me day and night during my pregnancy if I needed help, had a question, or just needed a pep talk. Ale and Alicia were also wonderful supports, guiding me and my partner through labor comfort techniques and helping us think through our birth preferences. We also were so grateful to have their support and guidance in choosing where to go for services like massage therapy, acupuncture, and birth education classes.When we had a small scare at 34 weeks, the first person I thought to call at the hospital was Justine and she was there in minutes to hold me while I cried and hug my husband as we processed what had happened. Then, during my 26 hour labor, Justine stuck with us the whole way - guiding us through different positions and strategies to get our baby here safely. Ultimately, when I had to get a C-section Justine was in the OR with us holding my hand (and making sure my husband didn't faint!). When she came back to visit us in our postpartum room later that day, I could not believe how lucky I felt to have had her by my side. My husband and I felt safer with her there with us. Her support allowed us to focus on each other and our baby without the fear or stress of dealing with the challenges and surprises that can come with childbirth on our own.Midwest Doulas helped us worry less and advocate for ourselves when we needed. If we have a second child, I will absolutely want Midwest Doulas by my side again. I cannot recommend them highly more
Carly Paz
Carly Paz
13:53 18 Jan 20
I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Midwest Doulas! Justine was at the birth but I had the pleasure of doing... a spinning babies class with Alicia and met Ale during a prenatal appointment and have had her do a few overnight postpartum doula sessions as well! All 3 of them are wonderful people who are so nurturing and kind. I just really enjoy being in their presence. Justine was phenomenal during the birth. It was my second baby and things went pretty quickly. I was so thankful to have her calming presence, incredible knowledge and supportive instruction. Her suggestions of different positions to try and her encouragement when things got difficult were priceless! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough! She’s just plain phenomenal! The postpartum visit when we debriefed my birth experience was one of my favorite conversations ever. It left me feeling so empowered and proud of the incredible thing I had done. Still brings tears to my eyes. I also want to add that the overnight postpartum help has been so amazing! Getting some actual sleep knowing that my baby is in Ale’s super capable, loving hands is the best self care I can imagine and oh what a gift it is!read more
Courtney Talmadge
Courtney Talmadge
15:31 13 Dec 19
I had the most wonderful experience working with Ale from Midwest Doulas. From the first moment she entered our home... she was warm, kind and gentle and instilled a high level of trust and confidence. It was such a privilege having her help at night over a number of weeks. She took such good care of our little one and was always so patient and thoughtful with me as we'd spend hours discussing our baby's sleep troubles. She had a ton of experience to lean on and wisdom to offer. And she had an amazing ability to help problem solve the situation by providing insights and new ideas while also normalizing what we were going through and assuring us that we were doing a great job. I genuinely miss working with her, but I look forward to having her back for our second child!read more
Ben Fuchsen
Ben Fuchsen
22:22 15 Nov 19
Working with Justine and Midwest Doulas was the most important decision we made in our birth plan. Prior to the birth... of our son, their insight and education decoded the birthing experience and helped my partner explore every option to prep for the big day. She was able to plan all of her preferences for our son's birth with valuable feedback from Justine and her crew. On the actual day of his birth, however, Justine's support was immeasurable. As a partner, I stood in awe of the power of my son's mother as she and Justine worked together to bring him into the world. When we faced the next new choice, Justine stepped up and helped us navigate our decisions calmly so that we maintained control over our preferences. She was our best advocate, and she made our birthing experience unforgettable. Not only do I recommend the services of Midwest Doulas, I don't think your birthing experience would be complete without them!read more
Natalie  Walters
Natalie Walters
03:13 15 Nov 19
Justine and her team provided reassurance, knowledge, wisdom and care throughout our pregnancy and birth. There was... always a wonderful balance between professionalism and nurturing support. My birth took a surprise turn and Justine kept me feeling safe and aware of what was happening. I don't know how I could've handled it without her support. I highly recommend Midwest more
Stephanie Foxen
Stephanie Foxen
13:17 14 Nov 19
I would recommend Midwest Doulas to absolutely anyone who is expecting.We felt an instant connection with Justine the... day we met her. She, Ale and Alicia did so much to help us feel informed and empowered leading up to our son's birth. They were always available to talk whenever we had questions or concerns, which was immensely helpful on those days I was tempted to do some ill-advised Googling. And our questions were always met with evidence-based information and a great deal of compassion. Justine was an amazing presence at our son's birth. She did so much to help ease our anxieties, understand what was going on, and keep us grounded. What might have been a scary experience was truly beautiful. We are forever grateful to Justine and her whole team for helping us navigate this more
Katie DeCapria
Katie DeCapria
22:31 11 Nov 19
I highly recommend Justine and her team with Midwest Doulas. Upon meeting Justine, it's immediately apparent that she's... an assertive and clear communicator and is passionate about being a strong advocate for her families. All turned out to be true! Justine was with me every step of the way from week 8 of my pregnancy through the fourth trimester postpartum. When surprises popped up in my third trimester, she ensured that a.) I had an A+ care team to support my goals of an unassisted birth; b.) she ensured I was fully educated and prepared for birth. It was so great to have a trusted advocate available by phone/text and her/her team's sessions in our home made us feel comfortable and confident in our choices. For this first time mama with no family in MN, Justine's support meant the world to me and my husband. We consistently felt cared for, heard, and supported. Her care was invaluable to us.I will absolutely work with Midwest Doulas in the future!read more
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Taylor, mother to Wesley

“During labor, our birth doula from Midwest Doulas was the best emotional and physical support we could’ve asked for. She helped me focus my energy to get through our planned natural birth. Her voice, words, & touch were more comforting than I can express.

She also helped my husband feel comfortable with what was happening. I missed her terribly in the brief moment she stepped away to use the restroom! She knew just how to rub my back and what to say, which seemed like a miracle at the time. She helped keep the atmosphere calm, nurturing, and supportive, and I highly recommend the experience to anyone preparing for a baby.”

Tom, father to Talya

“It is my pleasure to provide this recommendation for Midwest Doulas and Justine Temke. I am a single father of two children, and I worked closely with their team over the past six weeks, as they helped support my family during the addition of my newborn daughter. Midwest Doulas showed excellent communication, and exceeded my expectations, proving to be the exact support I needed during this special moment in my family’s life. The entire team was well spoken, professional, and knowledgeable. They even helped me introduce my son to my daughter, how to address any issues that may arise, and how to support my son with all the change. This part was invaluable for transitioning into a family of three.

Midwest Doulas brought great value to my family and home with their compassion and sensitivity to the needs of each family member, my mother, my son, (22 months) and my daughter (newborn). If it wasn’t for their support and continuous 24-hour, 7-days-a-week care, I know the transition would have been a lot more difficult.

Midwest Doulas’ non-judgemental support was clear, and I never felt I was being told how to parent. I would observe, and they would explain exactly how to bathe, feed, or change my daughter, to name a few items they assisted with. I was given the tools so I could be the best father to my newborn. 

Midwest Doulas’ personalized approach to family support is priceless.”

Jenne, mother to Oscar

“When my husband and I met Justine of Midwest Doulas, her warm, professional, and passionate personality made us want to interview her right away. We could not have made a better choice in working with her as our birth doula. Our labor ended with a healthy baby and a healthy mom, for which we are so grateful.

But it was nothing like we’d imagined. We went from hoping for a water birth to induction to a failed vacuum extraction and eventually to a C-section. It was all unexpected and quick, and it would have been much more traumatic if we hadn’t had Justine. She prepared us so well in our prenatal appointments to be flexible in labor, and she always made sure that our priority was to be comfortable with the decisions we made while in labor.

Because of this preparation and in spite of not getting the “dream labor” we had in mind, we were able to own all of the decisions we made, and there is no grief for the birth that might have been. During and after the labor itself, Justinewas a source of endless comfort and steadiness for both my husband and me.

Justine and Midwest Doulas were a key part of our birth team, and my husband and I will be forever grateful that she was present with us. We highly, highly recommend her.”


“The Midwest Doulas team encapsulated my placenta for me, and they were so professional and great. I’ve loved having these pills during postpartum time! They also provided me with much-needed lactation support during an incredibly difficult time, just a couple weeks after our baby was born. Midwest Doulas was so responsive, kind, understanding, and HELPFUL!”

Doula for VBAC – MaKenzie, mother to Cameron

“After our first birth ended in a somewhat traumatic, unplanned c-section, I knew that I would seek out the best birth doula I could find with VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) experience for my second pregnancy. I met Justine and her team at a ‘All About Doulas’ topic night by the Minnesota Childbirth Collective. She was warm, encouraging, and was exactly what we were looking for in a doula with VBAC experience.

We met with the Midwest Doulas team several times right in our home leading up to our due date. They came over when I went into labor to help us decide if it was the right time to go to the hospital. (Our doula for our first birth kept telling us, “It will be awhile,” and seemed to continue to avoid coming to our home, only joining us when we got to the hospital, and it was a bit of a letdown.)

When we were informed by our chosen hospital that they were full and we could not deliver there that evening, Justine and her doula team work swiftly to educate us on our alternatives to give us our best chance for a successful and supported VBAC.

We had an intense, fast, and (successful!) unmedicated VBAC with Dr. Ryan Dick at St. John’s hospital, and the birth team worked together seamlessly to support both me and my husband during the birth. Our birth plan was respected, we got immediate skin-to-skin time and delayed cord clamping, which we truly felt gave us bonding time we simply did not get with our first birth.

Midwest doulas also provided us placenta encapsulation services, which was a comfort to have for postpartum.  All in all, Justine and her team’s support for birth, postpartum, breastfeeding education, and more was simply a life saver. For anyone seeking a doula for VBAC, Midwest Doulas is the best choice in the Twin Cities.”

Jennifer, mother to Rosie

“My first birth was very traumatic and resulted in an unplanned c-section. I was determined to have a doula to support me with a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) for my second child. 

Although I was late in my pregnancy for hiring Midwest Doulas, they were a life saver. I loved that there was a team of doulas that got to know me, so that whichever one ended up at the birth, we would know one another. Plus, they were very knowledgeable and able to inform and reassure me during my pregnancy and labor. 

My doula kept me moving and worked hard to help me accomplish my goals. Although I ended up with an emergency c-section, I know I only got as far as I did because I had a birth doula present. In addition, she was the most amazing advocate for me during the surgery when my husband needed to be with our newborn daughter.

I highly recommend Midwest Doulas for their vast knowledge in pregnancy comforts, labor prep, labor, baby positioning, and cesareans and VBAC birth, in addition to their drive to continually educate themselves and other women, their extremely personable team, and their professionalism.”

Claire, mother to Aaron

“The best decision we made to prepare for the birth of our son was hiring Midwest Doulas. All of the doulas we met were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and kind, and prompt to respond to all our communication. The prenatal meetings and excellent in-home prenatal education classes made us feel prepared to welcome and care for our son when he arrived. 

I had a long labor and a challenging delivery, and I don’t know what I would’ve done without Justine by my side. During birth, Justine was right there to offer support and advice when I needed it and was a source of comfort and inspiration when I felt like I couldn’t keep going. 

Since we’ve brought our son home, Midwest Doulas has continued to support and help us adjust to life with our new baby. We love and unequivocally recommend Midwest Doulas!”

Courtney, mother to Bryson

“I recommend Midwest Doulas to anyone I know having a baby. At first, I thought that doulas were only for birth support, but these women have been there for me and my family more than I could have ever imagined. Their expertise, advice, referrals, and support around all things pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum have been so helpful and such a comfort (even to a second-time mama).

We were so thankful to have Midwest Doulas by our side during our son’s birth, and all of the doulas are very responsive to all our questions and concerns. Their postpartum doula services are also such a huge help!”

Robin, mother to Avery

“Midwest Doulas are amazing; I can’t say enough good things about them. I am a single mother by choice, and they were enthusiastic and supportive before, during, and after my birth. Every member of the doula team are extremely knowledgeable and give suggestions based on science and experience, only when asked.

I felt empowered all through my birth journey, and their postpartum care and breastfeeding help were essential to getting me and my little one off to a good start and avoiding depression. They are worth every penny.”

Megan, mother to Adelyn

“Working with Justine as our birth doula was an amazing experience! I highly recommend her services. She was well educated, informed on all birthing questions I had and was a big comfort. My husband and I both felt really connected with her, and she valued our birth plan. She was my advocate and a huge help in the delivery room.

Through this experience, Justine went from a doula to becoming our friend, and now as a new mom, I can still connect with her to ask questions. Justine was a great doula, and I plan on having her by my side for our next child!”

April, mother to Oscar

“We hired Midwest Doulas for the birth of our second baby (and our second home birth). It was very important to have a doula that my 2-year-old daughter would be comfortable with since she would also be a big part of this new baby’s birth.

Our birth doula was a very helpful, comforting and supportive presence. She was also incredibly intuitive — she seemed to know exactly what we needed and when (position changes, cool washcloths, photographs, etc.). I appreciated the time and attention given to our 2-year-old after the birth. Midwest Doulas also did placenta encapsulation service for us and they were super quick getting our placenta capsules back to us..

During our prenatal and postpartum visits, I always felt comfortable and valued with Midwest Doulas. I felt like they really understood what my vision of my birth was (even though I had a hard time putting it into words), and my whole family was treated with love and respect.”

Erica, mother to Willimina

“My sister gifted us doula services from Midwest Doulas, and it was the best thing anyone could have done. This was our first baby after a number of losses. Due to anxiety, fear, and sadness from my history with childbearing, it was very difficult to think ahead, research options and make decisions about anything having to do with pregnancy or labor. All I could think about was wanting to see my baby healthy and happy. I didn’t feel like I even cared about the rest of the details.

Working with our doula team did so many wonderful things for us! They were able to help us work through a number of the decisions that needed to be made for planning our birth. By presenting options, evidence-based information, and experiences they have encountered either personally or in their work they truly prepared us. They did so much to build my confidence, all the while giving my partner the tools he needed to be the best support person possible.

The most amazing part of working with Midwest Doulas was just how comfortable we were with each woman. It was automatically like we were old friends or siblings. They’re all very easy to talk with, relatable, and full of knowledge on everything pregnancy, birth, and baby-related. The best part is that unlike friends and family who have opinions that come with every piece of advice, the doulas are all very objective – no personal feelings or preferences included! The doulas are 100% here to support of your decisions along the entire process. They help you to run your show, not replay their own.

There is nothing we could do to show just how much we appreciated this gift from my sister or all of the love and support we received from Justine and her team! With the help of Midwest Doulas, I truly believe you can make any pregnancy, be it your first or fifth, the best experience possible!”

Skye, father to Calista

“Working with Midwest Doulas was an absolutely fabulous experience. We connected with them instantly and felt extremely supported along the way. They were always available to give their advice and provide research-based information as we had questions.

Things did not go according to our birth plan, but our doula was with us every step of the way, and helped us feel confident and more relaxed during the experience. We were so happy she was there with us. We highly recommend the team at Midwest Doulas to others, and in fact, have two close friends who have worked with them and loved them equally!”




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