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Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash.

Wilder’s Birth

Part 3:
A Midwest Doula Birth Story

In the last of a three-part series about Olivia and Quinn’s birth experience, Justine shares her perspective as a doula caring for the family. Read Part 1 and Part 2. here.

When we met Olivia, she told us the story of her first birth. It had been an unexpected surgical birth at just over 35 weeks that was traumatic, challenging and difficult to process. She was quickly separated from her sweet baby, and the following days were a blur. Her experience provided painful memories.

Olivia and husband Quinn knew they wanted a different experience for their second child. They needed to be in control of every decision and feel empowered.

After careful research and great conversations, they made the educated decision to have a home birth.

Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone.
Don’t stress about the future it hasn’t arrived.
Live in the moment, make it BEAUTIFUL!”

–Olivia’s mantra.

As preparation for Olivia and Quinn, Midwest Doulas selected three Birth Doulas to be on call. We also had two Sibling Doulas ready to support and care for their firstborn child, Owen, while he witnessed the exciting birth of his new sibling.

Olivia and Quinn chose the amazing Peacefully Born Traditional Midwifery, and they also prepared a plan B and even C just in case. Olivia read all the books and watched all the documentaries. She learned from podcasts and webinars. She wanted to be fully prepared for the unexpected.

As Olivia patiently waited for the 35-week and 6-day mark to pass, she hoped her little one would not come early. At 37 weeks, “on the dots,” as Olivia would say, her water broke and the moment of deliverance was upon us. It was happening fast in the middle of the night on a day just after a major snowstorm.

Wilder! Wilder! Wilder!

Olivia called her baby boy’s name in between the strong waves of pain to keep her feeling grounded. She hugged her loving husband tightly, giving him a glimpse of her strength. We could see him shake a little.

Quinn, midwives, doulas and photographer (@tiny moments) would repeat her beautiful baby’s name over and over while making eye contact with her.

Wilder! Wilder! Wilder!

Olivia had explained prenatally that she remembered looking for eye contact during her first birth. She recalled locking eyes with the anesthesiologist, eyes that she would never forget. During Wilder’s birth, Olivia made intense eye contact with her birth team and her doula in particular. She described later how healing that eye contact felt.

Eventually, the sounds of the room changed, and Olivia delivered her baby into the world at 3:40 AM. The beauty of this moment in time can’t be explained.

She roared her baby into the world!

Olivia knew she could do it, and she did. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and it doesn’t always work as planned, but her strength gave her confidence. Her faith in herself and family gave her the ability to make her own birth decisions. She trusted in her partner, her team, and most importantly, she trusted herself.

Midwest Doulas feels so honored to be part of this amazing birth story. Thank you, Olivia & Quinn, for allowing us to share it.

Wilder you are so loved!
Olivia you are so fierce!
And Quinn we love you with all our heart!

–Midwest Doulas

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